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"Terry by far is the best Jack Sparrow impersonator I have seen. An absolute professional who really gets involved and delivers every time to mum, dad and child.  I would highly recommend him to bring a bit of magic to your event." — Alessandro Galea - Sponsorship, promotions & Digital Manager / Real Radio Wales

"Terry has appeared for us on a number of occasions as Jack Sparrow, and has proven to be incredibly popular with young and old alike. His performance is dead-on, from the incredibly detailed costume to the voice and mannerisms which are identical to those of Johnny Depp. Truly an iconic character, captured perfectly for maximum enjoyment. Highly recommended!" — Pearce Richards, Marketing & Events, Hamleys Cardiff

"Terry stays in character the entire time he is in costume and you really wouldn't believe he is the same man. He genuinely is the best Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator I have ever seen. Very convincing and manages to capture the essence of that dastardly but loveable rogue of a pirate. His "Jack" persona is quick with in-character responses and quips and is able to improvise for any situation that arises." — Natalie Evans, Taunton

"Met Terry for the first time at a Tattoo convention in Cardiff and I was absolutely stunned at how much he was like the Capt Jack character, His mannerisms & voice are spot on. I've since meet him a couple of times and hoping to see him at our sons birthday later this year.... Keep up the good work... Savvy!!" — Kevin Payter, Cardiff

"Terry gave up his free time to help BT raise money for Children in Need. We are extremely grateful to him for generously donating his time." — Glyn Robinson-Byrne, BT Cardiff

"Terry was an absolute STAR .. not only did he give his time up, but his alter-ego managed to raise LOTS of much needed funds for Children in Need - all FREE OF CHARGE. full of character, enthusiasm and professionalism ... with the added touch of Jack sex appeal! Forever grateful." — Elaine Dando,  BT Cardiff

"I Had the pleasure of having Capt Jack Sparrow attending at an event raising money for Autism, and I was amazed at the accuracy of his costume and he made me (and the public) laugh so much at how he portrayed the character. Highly recommended and its definitely a pleasure having him around." — Adam Leishman, Iconic Legion UK

"A wonderful host and a heartwarming performance of Captain Jack." — Gina Carpenter, Cardiff University

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